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Fake Bank Account

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Offer to yourself any dollar amount you wish to have in this world in this app to impress your friend, parents, relative etc Isnt that fun!!!Fake Bank A/C is so fun and this is just for entertainment and I believe you will love to use it Customize your checking account with any balance you prefer and generate Bank statement. This is just like having a Bank account with an real entity isnt that fun. You can create AnyBank with preferred bank logoCurrenciesAccount NumberBeginning BalanceUnlimited BalanceNumerous popular BanksBank Full name and addressStart Date and EndingATM fees and WithdrawalsElectronic WithdrawalsUnlimited preferred Transactions with amount and preferred data
This is good for the whole world
Build your own transactions of your choice with numerous details ..Trick your friend with your Bank account Balance...
There are numerous popular Banks included in this app and you can also create your own Bank with any preferred name or logo you want to use. Change any dollar amount in a transaction of your choice , create your own statement with your preferred transactions.Stay Blessed